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Original Songs 

Whiskey & a Silver Tear

A sad yet beautiful acoustic story of lost love set upon a cold New Years Eve, told using warm lyrics and a subtle blend of voice and guitar notes.

Whiskey & a Silver Tear

Whiskey & a Silver Tear

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Peaceful Rain

I was aiming at the center of American life and Americana music with this one.  Performed at Tommy Doyle’s Pub in Newton, MA with Tim Ko (lead guitar) and Pete LaGrange (cajon).

Coalfield Town

The dominant type of coal mining in West Virginia is a method called ‘mountain-top removal’.  Simply put, large mining corporations buy huge swaths of land in mountain regions and remove the forests and useful land (including family farms) to allow easy access to the coal from the surface.  These large regions of bare land are called ‘coal fields’.  Substantial pollution of rivers, lakes and ground water results.  The local small towns (‘Coalfield Towns’) are left with dwindling resources and suffer damage from blasting and a constant rain of dust created by the mining operations. Unlike underground mining methods, mountain-top removal does not provide jobs to the local economy.  The removal of the coal is done by a small number of skilled operators of gigantic machines called ‘draglines’ that are often as tall as a 10-story building.